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Course Description

Assertiveness is critical to personal success and this programme is designed for people from all levels of seniority who struggle to be assertive or to influence others. Anyone who has to deal with a variety of delicate issues, potentially resulting in difficult people situations (if not handled confidently), will benefit from attending.  The assertive person will achieve their aims, whilst taking into account the feelings of others, producing a successful outcome that meets the needs of both parties. This programme is suitable for people who come across too aggressively or those who appear shy and, in a very practical way, it aims to build the skills necessary for behaving assertively.

Who Does The Course Suit?

Anyone wishing to improve their assertiveness skills in and/or out of the workplace.

What delegates will gain from the course:

  • Understanding of the meaning of ‘Assertiveness’ and how to communicate  with confidence and impact
  • Knowing how and when to adapt your behavior to influence a situation
  • Knowledge of the structure of assertive language and how to use it effectively
  • Managing and dealing with interpersonal conflict assertively and sensitively
  • Confidence in the use of a broad range of assertive options to suit different situations and people

Course Outline

09.30    Coffee, Introductions and Course Objectives

Understanding Assertiveness

What is assertiveness? Why is this skill so essential to success?


Understanding different behaviour patterns and how best to deal with them
Dealing with difficult situations/conflict/people

13.00– 13.45 Lunch Break

Influencing and Persuading

The ‘How’ of assertive behaviour – how can I best champion my needs and requests?
How to say ‘no’ with confidence and diplomacy when appropriate

Assertive Language and Building Confidence in Assertiveness Skills

Practice assertive language & behaviour through delegate exercises
Dealing with difficult situations; developing more flexible and assertive skills through
delegate exercises and group discussions

16.30-16.45 Workshop Summary, Review of Key Learning, Personal Action Plans and   Close

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