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All AER Training courses are tailored to meet specific training requirements so the following sample outline is for example purposes only.

Course Description

‘Finance for Non Finance People’ is a practical course designed to provide delegates with the basic knowledge and skills to help them to read and understand the core financial documents of business finance.

This course provides a practical and relevant approach to finance and is designed with the sole purpose of humanizing and demystifying the world of business finance

Who Does The Course Suit?

Any person wishing to acquire an understanding of the contents, relevance and uses of the business balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow forecast for use in either their business life or academic studies.

What delegates will gain from the course:

  • An introduction to the 3 basic types of business structure.
  • A clear understanding of the contents of the business’ balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the cash flow forecast.
  • How to construct basic examples of these financial documents.
  • Confidence in reading, understanding and interpreting the documents

Course Outline

9.30 - 10.00 Coffee, Welcome, Introductions & Course Objectives

Different business structures (sole trader, partnership and limited company)

Understanding the basics of the balance sheet, profit and loss account and the cash flow forecast

Constructing your own examples

13.00– 13.45 Lunch Break

Constructing your own examples (continued)

Reading and interpreting some real life examples

16.30-16.45 Workshop Summary, Review of Key Learning, Personal Action Plans and   Close

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