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The following is a sample outline and will be tailored to meet specific organisational training requirements

Course Description

‘Fundamentals of Management– 2’ is an Advanced Two Day practical course designed to help delegates develop further within their management roles.

Building on ‘Fundamentals of Management - 1’, the course provides an opportunity to self-analyse and develop the skills necessary for highly effective people management. Delegates will build upon their existing knowledge of the key management skills; i.e. motivation, delegation, feedback, time management, coaching and effective communication skills, moving on to focus on key aspects of people management including team development, appraisal skills, conflict management and decision making. Every delegate will leave with a specific action plan in relation to their own team.

The programme is designed to ensure learning from one session is built upon in the next, thereby providing a comprehensive, highly interactive and fun learning experience.

The Course Suits

As this is a modular course, building on key skills learnt in ‘Fundamentals of Management– 1’, it is recommended that delegates attend part one of the ‘Fundamentals of Management Programme’ prior to attending this course

Course Objectives

The course will provide delegates with the skills to enable them to:-

  • Identify & understand the role & responsibilities of an effective manager,
  • Recognise their own management style, the impact it may have on others and the appropriate use of different management styles,
  • Demonstrate key skills needed for successful team management & development; i.e. effective communication, feedback and coaching skills,
  • Develop team members through one to one training & coaching techniques and provide constructive feedback on their performance,
  • Communicate with confidence, build positive working relationships with team members and understand what motivates people,
  • Manage time effectively and delegate tasks with confidence.

Welcome, Delegate & Course Objectives and Agenda

Recap & Progress Updates
Delegate activity

Understanding Leadership

The difference between leadership & management Trainer input/group discussion and delegate activity

Team Development

Characteristics of a Performing Team and the Stages of Team Development

Team Roles

Understanding the different roles within a team
Delegate ‘self-analysis’ activity

Developing the Team - Learning Styles

How people learn
Delegate ‘self-analysis’ activity


Understanding Behaviour & How to Build/Maintain Successful Working Relationships

Behavioural analysis
Getting the best from your team

Key Skills for Team Development: Questioning & Listening skills

Syndicate exercise – Listening quiz and questioning exercise in pairs

Managing Conflict & Dealing with Difficult Situations

Dealing with difficult situations & challenging team members

Day 1 Summary & Review of Key Learning Points

Review of Day 1 & Key Learning Points

Appraisal Skills; the ‘What’, ‘Why’, ‘When’ & ‘How’ of Effective Appraisal

Key Skills for Team Development: Assertiveness/Confidence


Effective Decision Making

The decision making process, practical considerations

Managing Successful Meetings

Putting it into Practice

Delegates work in syndicates to practice handling ‘real work’ scenarios with feedback provided by their colleagues (using the feedback models covered earlier in the programme)

Action Planning

Delegates to produce Individual Action Plans detailing how they will work with their teams following the programme: what do they plan to do differently back in the workplace?

Workshop Summary, Review of Key Learning, and Close

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