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The following is a sample outline and will be tailored to meet specific organisational training requirements

Course Description

Fundamentals of Management– 1’ is a Two Day practical course designed to provide delegates with proven techniques and strategies to help them in their management or supervisory roles.

The course looks at the key skills necessary for successful people management. Together with the key management skills of motivation, delegation and feedback, the course covers time management (to make optimum use of available time) and effective communication skills. Every delegate will leave with a specific action plan in relation to their own team.

The programme is designed to ensure learning from one session is built upon in the next, thereby providing a comprehensive, highly interactive and fun learning experience.

The Course Suits

Any person involved in a people management; this could be managers relatively new to their role, or more experienced managers wanting to consolidate and confirm existing skills & techniques.


Course Objectives

The course will provide delegates with the skills to enable them to:-


  • Identify the key aspects of their role as a supervisor / team leader,
  • Describe a model of team leadership and how they can put this into practice,
  • Demonstrate the key skills needed for successful team leadership & development; i.e. effective communication, delegation and coaching skills,
  • Explain how the motivation of others in the workplace can help to get the best out of their team,
  • Set appropriate and realistic standards/objectives,
  • Provide effective feedback to improve and correct performance,
  • Delegate activities to team members effectively,
  • Adopt strategies for working together effectively and coaching the team to success.

Course Outline - Day 1

Welcome, Introductions, Delegate & Course Objectives and Agenda

Your Role & Responsibilities as a Manager

Trainer input/group discussion and delegate activity

Course objectives and personal objectives

Managing Task-Team-Individual

Action Centred Leadership’ - John Adair
The role of the manager

Managing your Team & Team Development

Situational Development
Understanding ‘team’ as a group of individuals

Management Styles & Understanding Your Style


Coaching Your Team

Coaching for Performance Improvement

Motivation – Motivating & Developing Your People

Understanding Motivation – what is it and how will I know if my team’s got it?
Recognising the root causes of de-motivation
Exchange of best practices

Putting it into Practice

Delegates work in syndicates to practice handling ‘real work’ scenarios with feedback provided by their colleagues (using the feedback models covered during the Workshop)

Day 1 Summary & Review

Delegate Exercise

‘Action Centred Leadership’ – John Adair

Task 2 - Whole group activity focussing on the key skills of communication, assertiveness, time management, motivation and delegation.

Day 1 Summary & Review

Course Outline - Day 2

Review of Day 1 & Key Learning Points


Why is delegation important, what should we delegate and how to delegate effectively

Delivering Feedback & Difficult Messages

Feedback techniques, approaches and models

Key Skills for Team Development; Communicating with Confidence

Importance of communication within team, setting the tone and positivity


Managing & Planning Your Time Effectively

Organise yourself before you can organise others
Planning & prioritisation

Putting it into Practice

Exercises throughout the day to put the skills theory into practice

Action Planning

Delegates produce individual Action Plans detailing how they will work effectively with their teams back in the workplace

Summary, Review of Key Learning & Close

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