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All AER Training courses are tailored to meet specific training requirements so the following sample outline is for example purposes only.

Course Description

This programme has been designed to equip Sales Managers with the skills, processes and motivation to drive individual, team and business performance through support and feedback in the field.

To win in today’s market, Sales Managers need to drive the performance of others, improve & maintain relationships with key customers, rapidly grow sales, manage high-level sales calls and, with their team, successfully negotiate and close deals. The workshop aims to improve Sales Manager’s skills through a combination of highly practical exercises, work based activities and group discussions. It is designed to develop skills in managing self, managing others and ultimately managing the business.

Every delegate will leave with a specific action plan in relation to their own individual /team development and the confidence to really maximise performance. The programme is structured to ensure the learning from one session is built upon in the next, thereby providing a comprehensive, highly interactive, motivational and fun learning experience.

The Course Suits

Any person involved in a sales management; this could be sales managers relatively new to the role, or more experienced managers wanting to consolidate and confirm existing skills.

On completion of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the role & responsibilities as a Sales Manager
  • Recognise their preferred leadership style and understand its impact on others
  • Manage the team’s & their own time effectively, and use delegation as an aid to self management
  • Recognise the impact of differing team roles and the stages of team development
  • Demonstrate the principles of coaching practice
  • Identify factors impacting on the motivation of others
  • Develop a structured plan for future team development

Course Outline - Day 1

9.30 - 10.00 Coffee, Welcome, Introductions & Course Objectives

What is Sales Management?
Role & Responsibilities of a Sales Manager
>Different management styles and your management style
Delegate activity

Managing Task - Team - Individual (‘The How’)

Action centred Leadership (John Adair)

Delegate activity

Team Activity

Understanding individual strengths within team and maximising team performance/getting the best from your team

Team Development (inc. Johari Window)

Team Development Model

Belbin Team Roles

Building Your Sales Team

Situational Development - Skill/Will Matrix

Day 1 Summary & of Review Key Learning Points

Day 2


Aspects of Motivation -What makes people tick?

Delegate Activity

Coaching for Performance Improvement
Coaching Models, Theory and Practice
Needs analysis and coaching models (the ‘how’ of coaching)
Feedback Techniques
Performance Improvement Activity -Putting it in to Practice

Sales Management Planning
Understanding and implementing the Sales Management Planning process
Developing Your Sales Strategy

Sales Management Time
Effective Self & Time Management Techniques
Using delegation as an aid to time management

16.30-16.45 Conclusion
Workshop Summary, Review of Key Learning, Personal Action Plans and Close

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