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Course Description

‘Time and Self Management’ is a practical course designed to give delegates an understanding of how to attain the maximum benefit from the time available to them.

The course looks at how delegates can analyse their current use of time, identify goals & objectives, plan and prioritise tasks, schedule time effectively and the delegation process.

In the increasingly competitive environment that we work in, we are constantly being asked for higher levels of performance, which results in increased time pressures.  By applying some simple, practical techniques delegates will be able to identify and focus on the activities that will give them the greatest benefit within the limited time available; saving them time and helping them to work smarter, not harder.

Who Does The Course Suit?

Anyone wishing to improve their time management techniques and/or anyone wanting to both understand & implement the key principles of effective time & self management.

What delegates will gain from the course:

The course will provide delegates with the skills to enable them to:

  • Recognise the benefits of effective time and self management
  • Identify barriers and obstacles to effective use of time
  • Specify personal goals and objectives
  • Develop a range of tools to assist them in managing self and time
  • Prioritise and plan workload
  • Work smarter - not harder

Course Outline

9.30 Welcome, Introduction, Course Objectives & Personal Outcomes

Importance of Time Management
The effects on you and the benefits of effective time management

* Analysing Your Use of Time
Personal time usage
Obstacles to effective time management – ‘time stealers’

Identifying Your Goals, Planning and Prioritising
Setting & achieving your own goals & objectives
Principles of planning and establishing priorities

Scheduling Time - Delegation

Why delegate?
The delegation process

16.30-16.45 Workshop Summary, Review of Key Learning, Personal Action Plans and Close

*Delegates attending this course are required to keep a ‘Time Log’ in advance of the day so that they can refer to it during the course.

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